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Podcasting can be a drag

October 30, 2008

I committed to do a daily podcast “just so I could get better at it.”  So far I feel pretty confident that my skills are improving.  I’ve produced a couple of “buffer” episodes that I have in the can just in case I’m unable to produce new content on a particular day.

Currently, I’m up to episode 15, and I’ve decided to abandon one of the underlying products that make my podcast go:  podcastblaster.  I didn’t know XML when I started this project, so I signed up for the first tool that I could find that would let me publish podcast feeds for free.  Had I done my research, I would have found that blogs make FAR superior podcast feed generation tools (plus they’re BLOGS)!

So, I’ve spent much of this evening transferring all of the entries from my podcast feed into blog entries on the blog I’ve set up to host my daily podcast.  I hope I don’t lose many subscribers when I make them resubscribe using the new feed…

Pace University Student Seeking Podcast Study Participants

October 29, 2008

Cynthia Maddox, a doctoral candidate at Pace University, is doing a research project with the guidance of Dr. Kathy King, in which she is looking at the effective use of mobile technology, especially podcasts.

“I’m inviting teachers to share experiences you have in using podcasts with your students. Some of you may have written your own podcast scripts and some of you have had your students create podcast recordings. This study will look at children in grades K – 12.”

Come show administrators, your colleagues, parents and reluctant technology users that the tools of our youth do have value. Let the nay Sayers learn that authentic assignments can motivate and stimulate a thirst for discovery. Share your successes in turning your students on to school and into life long learners.

To find out more about this podcast study, Email Cynthia at ASAP
Be sure to include the words “Maddox Podcast Study” in your subject.