I was blogging when blogging wasn’t cool

October 19, 2008

So this is my first real blog!  In the past I’ve had social networking accounts like xanga, myspace, and twitter which allow blog-like entries, but this is the first bona fide blog I’ve ever set up…  sort of…

Being part digital native myself, I had HTML pages on my dial-up ISP’s ftp-enabled webserver in 1995.  I posted some of my high school homework assignments on Geocities in the late 90’s.  I’ve written data-driven pages using PHP.  I’ve been plugged in for a long time.  It turns out that even my current classroom wiki resembles a blog, having entries each day and a page for older, retired entries.  Why I haven’t set up a blog earlier is beyond me.

So here it is!  I hope this can be a place for like-minded, tech-curious educators to meet and mingle.


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