iTALC with Student Computers

October 21, 2008

Part two in this week’s series of 5 technologies I use in my classroom every day is iTALC.

Maybe you’ve heard of various classroom management utilities like Synchroneyes, Net Support School, and the AB Tutor Control.  A resource I rely on every day to do the same things for free is iTALC.  Teachers whose classrooms are also computer labs are faced with unique classroom management problems.  I want to give my students the flexibility to use computers which are not “locked down,” but I still need to be able to keep tabs on what each student is doing.  With iTALC, I can see thumbnail images of what each student screen looks like (updated once per second), and I can bring up a student screen in real-time for viewing or remote control.

If I’m doing a demonstration and I want a captive audience, I can broadcast my screen image to all of the student screens.  It’s fine for software demos, but playing video across iTALC is not impressive.  Similarly, any student screen can be captured and rebroadcasted to all others to allow students to take the spotlight.

iTALC is a great resource, and it’s free.  Sadly, it’s a pain to install and get running.  There is a support wiki that sufficiently explains the details for most users, but a good tech and a little common sense will prevail.

iTALC.  I can’t live without it.

One Response to “iTALC with Student Computers”

  1. […] One of the tools featured on that episode was iTALC.  I’ve already featured that tool on this blog, and I mentioned in the chatroom how I use iTALC to broadcast my SMARTBoard to all student […]

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