Digital Projector

October 22, 2008

Part three in this week’s series of 5 technologies I use in my classroom every day is my digital projector.

The projector in my classroom is an older Mitsubishi XL2U, but it gets the job done.  When I started teaching at ASMSA in 2003, there was no projector in my classroom.  I borrowed mine from the library so long they eventually filled out a property transfer document which then gave me the chance to permanently mount it to my ceiling.  And there it has rested, projecting my computer screen in one form or another for years.

I teach computer science which I learned via traditional lecture.  The professor wrote things on the board, and we wrote them in our notes.  During lab time (usually once a week on Thursdays), we’d transfer things we had written in our notes into the computer and see how accurate our notes were.  I teach computer science by explaining concepts to my students and then immediately demonstrating those concepts so they experience them immediately.  My projector lets me do this.

Occasionally, I will have a student come to my computer and demonstrate for the class how to perform a particular task.  Sometimes we reinforce concepts with videos from the Internet.  Even if you teach a subject as non-technical as history or music, you can still support your instruction with a digital projector.  If you borrow televisions with VCRs or DVD players from your media center and roll them into your classroom, you can omit the lumbering cart and just play the DVD with your computer next time.

Check out this outstanding resource on digital projectors at  They discuss everything from bulbs and lumens to speakers and screens.

In the 4-5 years that I’ve had my little Mitsubishi projector, I’ve used it on a table and mounted on the ceiling.  When it was portable, I could take it to conferences and lend it to other teachers.  Once I got it mounted to the ceiling, I never had to worry with cables and wires being strewn across the floor.  Either way, you will find that having a classroom digital projector opens up many new, interactive resources to your students.


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