Open Source Braggart?

December 16, 2008

soapboxAs a new blogger, it amazes me to read responses to what I have written.  Sometimes, it feels like I’m just writing to be writing… but what’s wrong with that, anyway?

Looking back at my posts, it does seem like a number of my entries are “reference letters” for various technologies or tools that I’ve used and like.  When I read Kathleen Weaver’s latest post Drifting away from Open Source, I was surprised to be called a free sofware braggart.  I just reflect on what works for me.  Often, that’s what I can get my hands on without filling out a requisition.

I use plenty of commercial software in my computer lab.  My computers run Windows and MS Office rather than something like the K12 Linux Terminal Server Project (which I did play with for about a day several years ago).  When we did 3d animation, we used Carrara Studio and Adobe Premiere.  To keep the computers clean, I use Windows SteadyState.

I just want to throw it out there — I’m not a free software fanatic!  Sometimes, software that does one thing, and does it for free is better than some bloated commercial package.  Other times, you really do need to pay for quality.

I’m just sayin’

Thanks to Steve Rhodes for the soapbox picture.  Used under Creative Commons.  Check out his flickr photos.

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