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Google Teacher Academy Reflection

April 4, 2010

I was asked the other day if I own stock in Google.  I replied, “Are you crazy?  How could I afford that on a teacher’s salary?”  See for yourself.

The query was prompted by the Google lanyard that I wear my school ID badge on.  It is one of the goodies I got at the Google Teacher Academy last August in Boulder, CO.  Since attending the workshop, meeting the other participants, and joining the discussion board, things have not quite been the same.

Sense of Community

I feel more connected than ever to the world-wide community of tech-minded educators.  I am recognized as my region’s conduit to this community, and I am often asked to pass along questions or concerns.  Although I had previously interacted online with several of the educators selected to attend, it’s always wonderful to get to shake hands and put faces to names.  I was in a group with Paula White.  I had drinks with Wes Fryer.  This made my day.

Sense of Responsibility

As a teacher who “gets” technology, I have always felt responsible to share what I can with others.  Now that I wear the Google Certified Teacher hat, I feel obligated to answer questions that educators ask me about the Google tools.  Google gives so much to teachers and schools.

Sense of Accomplishment

To be considered for the program, I had to respond in essay form to several challenging questions that all educators face.  Additionally, I had to produce a one minute video on classroom innovation or motivation.  Check out the competition.  I was blown away when I got my acceptance letter.

Being a Google Certified Teacher has helped me connect and grow as an educator.  It has improved the types and quantity of professional development programs I offer, and it has helped my school administration understand just a little bit better exactly what it is I do in my classroom.

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