Pimp My Curriculum

June 9, 2010

Did you read about Montgomery County, Maryland schools partnering with Pearson to sell their new elementary curriculum?  The district gets $4.5 million:  $2.25 million flat plus another $2.25 million as an advance on profits from future sales.

Montgomery school officials, in turn, will open their classrooms to prospective customers and speak on behalf of the program at Pearson’s request. The company will have final say over content, although Montgomery schools will retain control over it in their classrooms.

Pimp My School

Much of what I do as an educator is built on an open community of professionals who borrow and share.  This will certainly put an end to that sort of thing in this district.  In all of the media coverage surrounding the issue I have yet to hear the opinion of any teachers in the district.

I look on skeptically…

2 Responses to “Pimp My Curriculum”

  1. Seth Sanford Says:

    Hi Daniel,

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  2. Frances Says:

    Update on the Pearson – Montgomery County Public Schools super cool curriculum “deal”. It didn’t pan out anywhere near as it was advertised, and now the money is running out. Students are stuck with a work in process curriculum with lots of bumps. Get the detalls on what happened here: http://parentscoalitionmc.blogspot.com/2012/09/pearson-mcps-curriculum-20-deal-tanking.html

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