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We need a Google Tips clearinghouse

March 21, 2010

Since becoming a Google Certified Teacher, I’ve come across so many great technology resources, tips, and contacts that they’re impossible to enumerate.  It seems like everyone has a little corner of the web set aside to share their ideas.  I’m working on one myself to support my upcoming workshop, Go Paperless with Free Google Tools.

I was looking at Kathy Schrock‘s Google Goodies page, and I found this neat trick:

If you publish a Google Doc or Spreadsheet, and you want your users to have their own copy of the document or template, forward them the URL with &newcopy appended to the end of it.

What we need is a common clearinghouse for all of these sorts of Google tips and tricks.  Each Google tool has its own help documentation and associated forum, but I’m not sure that’s the right place for it.  The email traffic from the Google Certified Teachers discussion group is rich in resources and tips, but it is only open to the GCT community.  The Google Teacher Academy resources page is a start, but it’s not exactly what I have in mind.

What to do…


Five technologies I use every day

October 19, 2008

Just to get the ball rolling, let’s start with a week-long series featuring 5 of the technologies I use in my classroom every day.  In preparing for this series, I tried several times to find a ranking system that made sense, but in my mind all of them are so closely linked that I couldn’t pick a “winner.”

Starting on Monday, I will post one technology per day that I use in my classroom.  I’ll provide links to resources on where to get these technologies and how others are using them, and I hope we can get a conversation going.

Check back on Monday!