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December 7, 2008

I was in the EdTechTalk chatroom tonight while Episode 106 was being recorded.  One of the tools featured on that episode was iTALC.  I’ve already featured that tool on this blog, and I mentioned in the chatroom how I use iTALC to broadcast my SMARTBoard to all student screens.  MrsDurff insisted I create an informative screencast, and so I did


The direct link to the screencast is

Interactive White Board

October 23, 2008

Part four in this week’s series of 5 technologies I use in my classroom every day is my interactive white board (IWB).

This item goes hand in hand with yesterday’s selection.  There are a number of different products that fall into the category of interactive white board.  Mine is a SMARTBoard similar to the one depicted here.  Other brands include Interwrite and Promethean.

The teacher’s computer screen is projected onto the surface of the IWB which can then be manipulated either by touch or with a stylus or marker substitute.  IWBs come with software designed to make the product much more than just a large wall-sized mouse.  SMART Notebook, for example, provides a large library of downloadable pre-made lessons and interactive elements.

Check out the SMARTBoard lesson podcast at for some outstanding ideas about how IWBs can be used in a variety of different environments.